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I am a first year PhD student at Keio University, Japan. My advisors are Michita IMAI who is an expert in HRI (Human-Robot Interaction).
I started work as an assistant at JST ERATO IGARASHI Design UI Project from 2010, collaborating with Yuta SUGIURA. 'Ring-like Robot' was accepted to Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program), year of 2011 (IPA未踏IT人材発掘・育成事業: Japanese page).


Graduate student at Imai Laboratory, Keio University
JSPS Fellowship DC1
ACM student member, VRSJ student member

慶應義塾大学大学院理工学研究科 今井研究室 後期博士課程1年

Schedule & Activity

  • 2013/5/1

    Oral presentation of FlashTouch at CHI2013.
  • 2013/3/26

    Received Academic award from VRSJ for iRing project. (Japan)
  • 2013/3/24

    Journal paper was accepted to IJICIC.
  • 2013/3/7

    Presentation of collaboration paper in AH 2013.
  • 2012/12/13

    Paper was conditionally accepted to CHI2013 as a note.
  • 2012/11/1-

    Intern at ATR, Kyoto. (until 2013/3/29)
  • 2012/10/18

    I received a notice of JSPS DC1 fellow acceptance.
  • 2012/10/8

    Oral presentation of iRing at UIST2012.
  • 2012/9/14

    Oral presentation of iRing at VRSJ2012. (Japan)
  • 2012/8/28-31

    Oral presentation of Pygmy at APCHI2012.
  • 2012/6/13

    Paper was conditionally accepted to UIST2012.
  • 2012/5/28

    Demonstration of Pygmy at ROBOMEC2012 (Japan).
  • 2012/5/5-10

    Demonstration of Pygmy at CHI2012 Interactivity.
  • 2012/4/30

    Paper was accepted to APCHI2012 as longtalk.
  • 2012/3/15

    Demonstration of Pygmy at Interaction2012 (Japan).
  • 2012/1/24

    Project accepted by IPA's Exploratory IT Human Resources Project 2011.


Pygmy 日刊工業新聞,Diginfo,Robots Dreams, IT mediaガジェット.


Research topics: Human Interface, Robotic User Interface, Wearable Robot, Entertainment Computing, Storytelling, Tangible.

Hobby: Swimming. Painting. Earth Science and Mineralogy (Collection of over 200 kinds of mineral).